Notes to Editorials



About the International Journal of Instruction (IJI)


International Journal of Instruction (E-IJI.NET) is a refereed international journal of education and published four times a year (in January, April, July & October).


Publishing Principles

Evaluation of Submitted Manuscript and Publication Process

Evaluation of Editorial Board

Pre-assessment criteria of Editorial Board

Referee Evaluation Process





Selection of Referees

Referee’s Roles

Writing Report

  1. Do the research data and findings consistent with the argument?
  2. Does the research provide original contribution to the field?


Conflict of Interest

Broadcasting Policy and Ethical Values

Feedback to Referees

-         The study may be approved for publication with the request for partial or big change.

-         A new evaluation process may be initiated by asking the authors to reorganize their study according to the views of referees.

-         The study may be rejected.